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Recruiting in the healthcare industry can be a challenging task, due to the specialist nature of healthcare jobs, as well as the variety of sectors people can now choose to work in. Healthcare roles can vary from title, band and seniority and also by area of work (ward, community, clinic etc). Candidates will be looking for a job role that fits their experience, field of interest and lifestyle. Although healthcare jobs are commonly advertised through a variety of channels including social media, internal adverts and agencies, job recruitment sites are still a widely used source for candidates seeking that perfect role. Here are some tips that might help you decide between using a generalist or niche platform.

Look at your job description and candidate profile

Is the job your posting looking for a specific type of healthcare professional? For example, a perinatal mental health midwife role might be better advertised on a more niche platform than a band 5 staff nurse ward role. Consider whether someone could fill the vacancy with a similar role and experience with transferable skills - If this is the case then a general platform may still be suitable, if the job requires specific qualifications then a niche platform may be best.

General vs niche

Popular generalist sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed have the benefit of being easily and quickly discovered through search engines, having reputable company names and being well-known to and trusted by job-seekers. You may be more likely to attract a higher volume of applicants, however if your job advert is looking for a more specialised role, people actively searching and applying to jobs on a niche site may be more suitable.

Niche platforms now normally provide a knowledge base for specialised healthcare professionals, and may provide additional content such as blog posts, research articles and career development advice. If you’re looking for a specialist candidate then a niche platform may be the best place to find them. However, it is important to consider the size of the platform, and whether the audience is large enough to facilitate enough interest in the jobs you are posting. JobMedic is a large niche platform, which many healthcare professionals use to browse the additional content, as well as search for jobs. Candidates may prefer searching for jobs on a niche site as there are fewer jobs to read through, and employers may prefer to use a site such as JobMedic as it is more likely to attract a wider specialised audience, such as passive job seekers. This is less likely to be the case with a general platform.

Measure your success

Whichever platform you decide is best for your job posts, be sure to track your progress and make sure your platform (or platforms) is working effectively for you. Collect data from your job sites such as online traffic, visits per month and candidate age and make sure your job posts are reaching the right people. Check how many suitable applications each site generated, as well as which channels were used by your short-listed and successful candidates. Good recruitment software can be used to help you achieve this.


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